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Becoming a Zazzle Designer

Are you thinking about becoming a designer on Zazzle and opening your own store? There's no rhyme or reason to being successsful. It's pretty much up to the whims of the customers what will sell and what won't. You may have a single design that's a hit and gets you a lot of sales or, more likely, you'll need to flood your store with many, many designs then promote, promote, promote to get sales.

While I've sold other items, my most popular design by far is my Cardinal with Angels From Heaven poem. The image comes from a photo I took several winters ago and the poem is one I came up with based on something I saw online about cardinals being loved ones come to visit. I've used this design on plaques, canvas, prints, pillows, trinket trays, serving trays... But, by far, my biggest selling item is my ceramic ornaments with this design (Heart shaped version shown here). The ornaments were a big reason why my November & December sales were so good.

So, if you're thinking about becoming a designer on Zazzle, understand that you're going to have to devote some time to get your store going. Unless you manage to have a design that is an immediate hit, you'll need to populate your store with a couple thousand items to get consistent sales. I was fortunate (or unfortunate) that I had the time to devote to creating since the company I worked for closed it's doors the month after I joined Zazzle. I set a goal for myself to have 1000 items designed by the end of my first year. I surpassed that goal and had 1000 items designed within my 8th month. I hit 2000 items within about 18 months after starting on Zazzle. I've slowed down quite a bit but still try to get in at least 5 designs per week.

Don't quit your day job. The odds are against you becoming a wealthing or enabling you to quit your day job by selling on Zazzle. Just keep at it, have fun and hopefully you'll earn some extra income being a designer.

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