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Note Cards

Thru tomorrow (12/15/18 12pm pst) you can get my note cards for 60% off! At this price why not buy them all? There are matching envelope seals for most cards which are available for 25% off too!

Hint: To give as a gift, tie 5 or more cards and envelopes together with some raffia or wrap once with a 2" burlap ribbon first (secure the burlap with a piece of double sided tape) then tie a narrower ribbon around the burlap and make a bow. Or head over to 'The ELLI Blog' to see how to make a cute DIY Gift Box for Note Cards.

Here are some of the cards you'll find in my Zazzle store. Can you tell I like waterfalls? Most cards come in 2 styles (with or without a border) and in several sizes. You can find all these and more in my Invitations & Cards collection.

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