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My Best Selling Design So Far

I had another sale on Redbubble today - someone from MI purchased 2 photo print copies of Male Cardinal with Poem. The image is a photo I took of a male cardinal perched on our deck railing during a light snow last winter. The poem is something I came up with after seeing others online. I wanted to add something to the picture without possibly plagiarizing so I came up with my own poem. I'm no poet - this short, 4 line poem took me at least an hour to come up with. My cousin had mentioned how much she liked the photo so my first product with this image was a flexible refrigerator magnet on Shutterfly (this was pre RB and Zazzle) which I sent to my cousin. She loved it so I thought I'd try selling it on RB/Zazzle. Turns out that might be my best decision ever! LOL So far I've sold 1 photo block and 5 flexible magnets on Zazzle and 4 photo prints and 1 studio pouch on Redbubble.

Below are some of the items featuring this image in my Redbubble and Zazzle stores. Click on the picture to see where to shop for the product. Other products available with this design: Laptop Skin, Laptop Sleeve, Scarf, Poster, Canvas Print, Framed Print, Metal Print, Wall Tapestry and Note Card. I love how the heart shaped paper weight came out. How about you?

As always, if you'd like a product not shown/listed designed with this image (image is also available without the poem), just add a comment below and I'll do my best to accommodate your request.

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