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New Zazzle & Redbubble Sales!

There's a pattern emerging... It appears that there are 2 favorites in my Redbubble store; The Ricketts Glen Falls Trail sticker and items designed with my 'Male Cardinal with Visitors From Heaven poem' image. Since July I've sold a total of 5 stickers (2 orders for 2 and 1 order for 1), a studio pouch with the cardinal design and a photographic print with the cardinal design.

The Male Cardinal/Visitors From Heaven design seems to be popular on Zazzle as well. A few weeks ago I had an order for 5 of my Flexible Magnets with this design and just yesterday someone ordered an Acrylic Photo Block in the same design. (You can see the cardinal design in my last post.)

I'm on fire now! Just kidding. After referral fees were taken out, I've netted about $14 total in royalties between the 2 stores. Oh well, it's a start and it's $14 more than I had before!

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