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Really liking Zazzle

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. The company where I worked for 30 years closed so I've been a little out of sorts filing for unemployment, doing the resume & cover letter thing. All's fine! Fortunately my bills were paid and we have savings to cover what unemployment doesn't which is mostly everything for now.

Anyway, I just wanted to add a quick post to say how much I'm liking Zazzle (even though I've yet to sell anything). I love being able to change a design on the fly rather than having to make the change offline then upload as a new file. For example, I created a design that features daisies on a black field below yellow & white stripes with a hot pink strip between them and uploaded it to Zazzle. However, I decided that others may want to have a different color stripe so I added a new rectangular shape that covers the stripe embedded in the design, changed the color and locked the rest of my layers. When I submitted the design to "Sell It" I left the 'Customize' option turned on. That way anyone who might want to purchase my product can customize the color of the stripe to his/her liking without changing the rest of my design. I was also able to use the same design but crop out the yellow stripes to create some cute cell phone cases - and still with the customizable stripes.

I've used this design concept to create several products: Tote, gift bags, matching tissue paper and wrapping papers, cell phone cases. Below are a few examples. Go to my Zazzle store to purchase these or any of my other items.

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