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This new venture has been challenging and I still have a lot to learn. Although I have quite a few designs now on both Redbubble and Zazzle, finding time for all this has been difficult. Some challenges I'm facing:

  • Finding time to create designs

  • While I've found some time to come up with new designs, mostly I then apply that same design to a variety of products. Applying the design to a product and adding it to my shop if relatively quick. Coming up with the design in the first place then perfecting it takes a bit longer.

  • Marketing via Social Media

  • I have a Twitter account, Facebook page and Instagram account just for 'KPcaptures'. And, while both Redbubble and Zazzle have options for sharing a product or collection via Twitter and Facebook, they do not have an option for Instagram so that takes a bit longer. I've been doing a page save, editing the image in Paint or Photoshop, saving it as a .jpg file then uploading it to IG. Not exactly a smooth or quick process. If anyone has suggestions I'm all ears!

  • I've also been trying to find templates to match some of the products. I found some templates that have been published in Redbubble's and have played with one or two but haven't posted to social media using one yet.

  • Finding time to read about selling with Redbubble and/or Zazzle

  • Both sites have information about selling on their site. In addition to their Help/FAQ pages, both have Blogs. This is where I found the Redbubble templates I mentioned above. But finding time to take in all the information to be found about these sites is quite challenging.

  • I've also done some internet research just by googling things like 'selling on Zazzle' or 'selling on Redbubble', 'biggest sellers on Zazzle (or Redbubble)', 'promoting Zazzle designs', etc. There's a lot to take in!

I'm beginning to realize this part-time venture into trying to earn a little money from my nature/landscape photography by selling on Print-On-Demand sites is almost like having another full time job!

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